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Question: u negative r e q xx is continuous on 0...

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u negative r e Q. /(x)x is continuous on (0, oo), andi, fraction with odd denominator f is continuous on R I cah e epres entecz ds dc w d deomiatr ib Let Proof. Use Exercise 3-27 and Corollary 3.40 (Exercise all r e Q we have lim af (lim an Proof. Exercise 3-37. We conclude this section by showing that on closed and boutei J3-6 w Theorem 3.42 Let lan u be a convergent sequence of nomege re for functions assume an absolute minimum and an absolute man R be ara uous R be an interval and le Definition 3.43 Let I The number ym is called the absolute minimum value of )一u and for all x e l we have
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