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uiz Saved A farmer is concerned that a change in fertilizer to an organic variant might change his crop yield. He subdivides 6 lots and uses the old fertilizer on one half of each lot and the new fertilizer on the other half. The following table shows the resuts. (You may find it useful to reference the appropriate table: z table or t table) Crop Yield Using Crop Yield Using Lot 0ld Fertilizer New Fertilizer 18 12 12 18 Let the difference be defined as Old- New a. Specify the competing hypotheses that determine whether there is any difference between the average crop yields from the use of of the test statistic. (Negative value should be b. Asst g that differences in crop yields are normally distributed, calculate the indicated by a minus sign. Round intermediate calculations to at least 4 decimal places and your final answer to 2 decimel places)
c. Find the pvalue. O pvalue < 0.01 O 0.01 s pvalue <0.02 O 0.02 s pvalue < 0.05 O 0.05 s pvalue < 0.10 O pvalue 2 0.10 d. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the crop yields ore different? Should the farmer be concened? At the 5% significance level, the crop yield with the new fertilizer the crop yield with the old fertilizer. There is
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