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Prepare a class diagram for each group of classes. Add at least 10 relationships (associations and generalizations) to each diagram. Use association names and association end names where
needed. Also use qualified associations and show multiplicity. You do not need to show at- tributes or operations. As you prepare the diagrams, you may add classes. Be sure to explain your diagrams. o s teie carcen restroom, computer, desk, chair, ruler, door, swing b. (4) automobile, engine, wheel, brake, brake light, door, battery, muffler, tail pipe c. (4) castle, moat, drawbridge, tower, ghost, stairs, dungeon, floor, corridor, room, window, stone, lord, lady, cook
d. (8) expression, constant, variable, function, argument list, relational operator, term, factor arithmetic operator, statement, computer program e. (6) file system, file, ASCII file, binary file, directory file, disc, drive, track, sector f. (4) gas furnace, blower, blower motor, room thermostat, furnace thermostat, humidifier, hu- midity sensor, gas control, blower control, hot air vent g. (7) chess piece, rank, file, square, board, move, tree of moves h. (4) sink, freezer, refrigerator, table, light, switch, window, smoke alarm, burglar alarm, cab- inet, bread, cheese, ice, door, kitchen
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