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UNANGENETCVARİATION This exercise introduces you further to the range of genetic variation within a species, and the technique of pedigree analysis, an important method to follow the inheritance of traits. Part I Pedigree Analysis A. EXAMINING A STANDARD PEDIGREE The figure below represents the pedigree (family tree) of a family that has been analyzed for inheritance of a characteristic. The symbols are as follows: male female sex unknown (see note) Square Circle Diamond Small symbol Open symbol Filled Symbol stillborn normal (most common form of trait) mutant (other form of trait) e: The diamond symbol is used when you know that there was a certain number of children in a family, but you cannot trace the particular individual, or when the sex of a miscarried or stillborm individual is not known.J. This pedigree examines the inberitance of albinism in a family over four generat line between a male and female indicates parents. The line below indicates their offspring. This pedigree shows the pr generation, the parents siblings, and the two pairs of grandparents. Pedigree analysis is used to determi disorders are inherited and as the first step in pinpointing the gene or genes involved. ions. The arrow indicates the proband, the genetic make-up is being considered. In making your own pedigree chart, you are the proband. A horizontal ne how human genetic
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