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Question: understand whats goes into the file courseh and what goes...

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3. Transform the following UMl dtiagram with pointers to a Course Course The name of the course. An array of students who take the course. students is a -courseName: string -students: string -numberOiStudents: int -capacity: int +Course(courseName: Pointer for the array e number of students (default: 0). The maximum number of students allowed for the course. Creates a Course with the specified name and maximum string& capacity: int) number of students allowed. +-Course(0 +getCourseName: string const +addStudent(name: string&): void +dropStudent(name: string&): void +getStudentsO: string const Destructor Returns the course name. Adds a new student to the course. Drops a student from the course. Retums the array of students for the course. Returns the number of students for the course. This class should include data members and functions as shown above. Do the following Class definition in a file named Course.h Class implementation in Course.cpp Test program to declare two course objects with names and capacities, addStudents, get number of students in each course. Use pointers to getStudents for each course. Your program should be able to demonstrate the correctness of your implementation. Sample run

understand what's goes into the file course.h and what goes in course.cpp

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