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Up, Up, and Away is a producer of kites and wind socks. Relevant data on the bottleneck operation in the shop for the upcoming fiscal year are given in the following table: Kites 28,000 units/year 15 units 0.3 hourlunit Item Lot size Standard processing time Standard setup time Wind Socks 10,000 unitsiyear 70 units 1.0 hourlunit 4.0 hours/lot 3.0 hourslot4 The shop works two shifts per day, 8 hours per shift, 200 days per year. Currently, the company operates four machines, and desires a 25 percent capacity cushion. How many machines should be purchased to meet the upcoming years demand without resorting to any short-term capacity solutions? The number of additional machines required is(Enter your response rounded up to the next whole number.)

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