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Updates Ready to ins could not Chapter 1 Quiz Puin Co began the year with assets of $102,000 and labilities of $76,000 During the year assets increased by $12,40oo and lablities decreased by $9,200 What is the amount of the change in Puftins stockholders equity during the year? Muple Chice 21600 deces 3200 ree 21800 ncreane $3200 6rease < Prev 7 of 10 li Next MacBook lock
Updates Ready to Instal Chapter 1 Quiz started the current year with assets of $702,000, labilities of $351,000 and common stock of $202,000 During the 000, libilties decreased by $51,000 and common stock increased by $277000. There was no payment of dividends to owners during the year Use the information above to answer the following question What was the amount of Blue Fins change in total stockholdens equity during the year? Mutiple Choice 453000 increase $226.000 increase $149.000 ncrease C Prev 9 of 10 llSI Next MacBook
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