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upel I ded. Support your main idea using headings, diagrams, and pr nswer each que stion in complete sentences. Ensure you provide ample detail when formulating your answers. (30 marks) located votr circulatory system. Ensure you include where the heart is sure to include the difference between veins and arteries. in the bod y, what it does, and how blood travels through the body. Be b. What does each side of your heart do? Draw a picture and explain how the heart functions. Ensure you label each part. In your drawing place arrows indicating the flow of blood through the heart. c. Blood is a crucial component of the cardiovascular system. Beside each jo, write which type of blood cell does that job. i. Carry Oxygen or food to your lungs ii. Finds germs ili. Eats foreign things in your body iv. Take Carbon Dioxide or waster away v. Kill infections What do you need to do to keep your heart healthy? Create a poster or brochure in which you describe the things a person can do to maintain good heart health. d.
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