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Question: urgent due 5pm today task 2 communication in ed support...

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Task 2: Communication in Ed. support research project

Part A: Glossary of Acronyms EDUCATIONAL 


You were advised by your teacher to make a glossary of Australian (preferably Victorian) acronyms and terminology at the beginning of the course that will build your knowledge of how to communicate effectively in an educational environment.


You are now to select 10 acronyms from your list (it is advised you use the ones discussed in class) that you will need to know when working in an Educational Environment.


List the 10 below and in your own words, briefly explain your understanding of each one.


Example:  SAC

Stands for:

School Assessed Coursework

Brief Explanation:

Students doing VCE must do SACs in order to get their VCE. These are completed at school and are corrected internally.

As a student of Education, you will need to learn and use many acronyms associated with the Education system in Australia. As part of an assessment task for the unit BSBIND301 – Work effectively in Education, you will need to submit (at the end of the course) at least 10 Acronyms used in an education support job role. 

Place this glossary in your workbook for cluster 2 and add to it as you complete the course. 

An acronym is a group of letters (in capitals) that stand for something else. For example, the acronym MP stands for Melbourne Polytechnic.

NOTE: All the capitals used in the acronym remain in capitals when they are written as full words.





Registered Training Organisation

An RTO is a training facility in Australia that is registered to train and provide students with nationally recognised certificates and diplomas. For example, Cert III in Business Administration that MP provides.





































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