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Question: urgent please help me fill out this table with the...

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URGENT!! Please help me fill out this table with the correct answers and please answer #4 question. Thank you so much!

art 3: Making the next generation from Emma and put them together: this is Child 1 1. Record its genotype (chromosome and alleles: see example child) and phenotype in the table below Chromosome Example child Child 1 Child 3 Child 2 number 7 F 7 f 9 A 9 A Phenotype Normal 2. Generate 2 more children and record their genotypes and phenotypes in the table. Decision time! 3. When you made each child above, you probably just picked from the gametes you made from one round of meiosis I and II. If you were mimicking real life, is that realistic? Should you return all the pipe cleaners to their original containers and begin meiosis over again to produce each new child? Why or why not? NO, this i not the most reaistic Cay You Shoui Start meiosis over to roquce a new Child norde to maintai mutiP om Emmas One meiotiC Describe when crossing over might occur? How would crossing over affect the haploid daughter ce
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