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Use E NTU method
kinematic Question 4: In a binary geothermal power plant, the working fluid iso-butane is to be condensed by air in a condenser at 75 °C at a rate of 2.7 kg/s. Air enters the condenser at 21°C and leaves at 28C. The heat transfer surface area based on the iso-butane side is 24 m. temperature profiles (ii) Determine the mass flow rate of air, m. (in kg/s) (ii) Determine the overall heat transfer coefficient, U(in (i) Draw a schematic of the given heat exchanger and label all streams. Also draw the 5 marks) 10 marks /mC) of this heat exchanger using: (a) the LMTD method. (b) the E-NTU method. 5 marks 10 marks Properties Data The heat of vaporization of iso-butane at 75°C is given to be ΔΗν-255.7 k/kg and specific heat of air is given to be C, 1005 J/kg°C
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