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  3. use equation aci 318 25431 to solve...

Question: use equation aci 318 25431 to solve...

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3. Epoxy coated #8 bars are anchored in a 16 in. x 16 in. column using a 90° hook. The side cover for the bars is 3 in., and the cover on the bar 3 #8 extension is 2 in. The 3, #8 bars provide exactly the amount of tension reinforcement required. a. Determine the required hooked bar 12 in. clear development length and compare it to the length available for development in the column. b. Propose three ways to modify the connection so that the tension reinforcement can be adequately developed in the column. 16 in 2 in. clear 14 in

Use equation ACI 318 to solve.

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