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Question: use logistic growth method...

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Use logistic growth method
One day on a college campus, when 10,000 people were in attendance, a particular student heard that a certain controversial speaker was going to make an unscheduled appearance. This information was told to friends who in turn related it to others, and the rate of growth of the spread of this information was jointly proportional to the number of people who heard it and the number of people who had not heard it. (a) If after 10 min, 288 people had heard the ru- mor, find a mathematical model describing the spread of information. (b) Plot the graph of the mathemati- cal model on your graphics calculator. Estimate from the graph how many people had heard the rumor (c) after 15 min and (d) after 20 min. Confirm the esti- mates analytically. (e) How many people will eventu ally hear the rumor?
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