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Problem 3: Fourier Transform of a Gaussian function in 2D *Let us consider a LSI medical system with the following Gaussian PSF: h(x,y)--e-(x4y2)/(2σ2) Note: the corresponding Fourier Transform of this Gaussian function is: Zrơ2 What is the theoretical MTF of this system? (provide the formula) Considering units given in cm, define a 2D grid spanning from-10cm to +10cm by steps of Imm (meshgrid function) and represent the function h for a standard deviation sigma of 2cm (use the imagese function, with the proper x and y axis). Compute the 2D fft of this image, making sure the spectrum is centered on the center of the image ftshift function) and plot the spectrum (module of the Fourier transform), using imagesc function Redo the same using the function h for a standard deviation sigma of0.2cm, was the result expected? Can you explain why? Compute the FWHM of both systems
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