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Lab Description lab, you are to simulate a simple binary communication channel characterized by appropriate conditional and ity of receiving either a 1 or a 0 prior probabilities and estimate the probability of error as well as the probabil Start with a symmetric binary communication channel characterized by the conditional probabilities P[O PU Rİ 1 s] = 0.995 and PO and P[1s]-0.611 (i.e. 0 is slightly more likely than 1). The input to the binary communication channel is to be a sequence of Os and 1s. Each 0 or I in the sequence is statistically independent of the others and is generated according to the probabilities P[os] and P[1s] given above. 0.389 R/ I s] PUROs]-0.005. The prior probabilities of a 0 or a l are given by Pros] 1. 2. Generate the data input sequence of Os and 1s according to the required probabilities. Simulate the channel by writing a computer program to do the following: When a 0 is presented as input to the channel, the channel should generate an output of 0 with probability P[OR 0s] and an output of 1 with probability P[IR/Os] (where the numerical values are given above) When a 1 is presented to the channel, the channel should generate a 0 with probability P[OR|1s and a 1 with probability P[IR|1s]. a. b. 3. Repeat the experiment with various lengths of input sequences, Sequence-1-1000 and Sequence-2-100,000,000 Compare the results for various length input sequences by tabulating and plotting the %error. 4. In addition, in your lab report answer the following questions: 01: Compute the theoretical values for the following probabilities: PIOsjOR], P[Is 1R] and P[error]. Q2: Explain the length of sequences regarding to the probability of P[error].

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