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class. When handing in your solutions, be sure to include the names of everyone in your group on the first page or on a cover sheet You should present your solutions to these problems in the ordered they are listed, for my ease of finding and grading. Include charts, computations, hand-drawn sketches of graphs, ete. If there is more than one page for your homework solutions, be sure to staple or paperclip the sheets together These problems selected, may be more challenging than the problems youve attempted for homework, may go beyond the classroom discussion, and use mathematical facts not mentioned in the text. You may use your notes, text, other texts, calculators, and computer software. Each problem is worth 5 points. Discussion of solutions should only occur among the members of your group and with Peter Olszewski, your instructor. 1. Determine the currents in the various branches of the electrical network. The units of current are amps, the units of resistance are ohms, and the units of the batteries are volts. 14 volts RI 3 R2 2 25 volts 14R4 2 I. 8 volts Use matrix
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