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  3. use r to solve this thank for your help...

Question: use r to solve this thank for your help...

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Use R to solve this
Thank for your help
3· [Additional problem only for graduate students. Undergraduate students will receive 2 extra credits if solving the additional problems correctly.l (5 points) For each of p 50, 100, 500, 1000, randomly drawn 10000 pairs of indepen dent points uniform in the cube in p-space, [0, 1]P. Then for each pair of two points calculate the distance. Use the n distances to calculate the ratio 25th percentile of the distances 75th percentile of the distances Simulate the process for s = 1000 times to obtain ri, r2: ,r, and make 95% confidence limit of the ratios for each p. Draw a plot to show the pattern of the 95% confidence limits when P increases and explain. Note that 95% confidence limit is the interval of (2.5th percentile, 97.5th percentile)
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