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Question: use the following information for the exercises below the following...

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Use the following information for the Exercises below.

[The following information applies to the questions displayed below.]

York’s outstanding stock consists of 85,000 shares of noncumulative 6.0% preferred stock with a $5 par value and also 150,000 shares of common stock with a $1 par value. During its first four years of operation, the corporation declared and paid the following total cash dividends:

2015 total cash dividends $ 13,900
2016 total cash dividends 23,500
2017 total cash dividends 280,000
2018 total cash dividends 430,000

Exercise 13-9 Dividends on common and cumulative preferred stock LO C2

Determine the amount of dividends paid each year to each of the two classes of stockholders assuming that the preferred stock is cumulative. Also determine the total dividends paid to each class for the four years combined. (Round your "Dividend per Preferred Share" answers to 3 decimal places.)

Par Value per Preferred Share Dividend Rate Dividend per Preferred Share Number of Preferred Shares Preferred Dividend
Annual Preferred Dividend:
Total Cash Dividend Paid Paid to Preferred Paid to Common Dividends in Arrears at year-end
2015 $13,900
2016 23,500
2017 280,000
2018 430,000
Totals $747,400 $0 $0
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