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Question: use the following lp for questions 24 in the extended...

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Use the following LP for Questions 2-4 In the extended Zachariah family the only pets are 3 fish, and they are thinking about changing how many pets the family has. The family has decided to choose their pets together, rather than one person at a time. Letx be the number of fish that the family gets. Let x2 be the number of dogs that the family gets Maximize the enjoyment the family gets from the pets they choose when there is a fixed enjoyment Max 2x1 + 10x2 t of each t st It takes a certain amount of time to care for pets- the maximum time the family can spend taking care of pets is 15 hours x +7x2 S 15 There is a cost for supplies for each type of pet the maximum money the family can spend on pet supplies is $60 x 15x2 S 60 x1 +x2 2 1 The family wants to get at least 1 pet Cant get a negative number of dogs Cant get less than -3 fish t2 20 Question 2 (22 pts) Identify all of the elements of the LP that are in canonical inequality form. Identify all of the elements of the LP that are not in canonical inequality form. List them below or clearly mark them on the LP above. (12 pts) Make the necessary changes and write the full LP in canonical inequality form. 10 pts)
Question 3 (33 pts) Given the graph of the constraints for the LP (constraints are numbered, intersections are labeled with letters, xi is on the x axis and x is on the y axis): 2 1 25679 30 11 12 14 a) Shade the feasible region (5 pts) b) What are the coordinates of point A? (10 pts) c) Draw the objective function line on the graph. (6 pts) d) Using the objective function line, what is the optimal solution? Which point on the graph? (6 pts) a. b. What is the optimal objective function value (z)? If this is point A, you should give the exact numeric value. Ifthis is not point A, you should use an approximation for the coordinates of the point by reading them (as best as you can) off of the graph to compute z (6 pts)
W L ror om, Cleauty d Write the LP in marix notation. Be sure to clearly define and label all of the matrices
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