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Question: use the following word bank to complete the numbers 51100...

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Use the following word bank to complete the numbers 51-100. Acoelomate Agnathan Arthropods Alternation bacteriophage Book lungs bryophytes nematocyst CoCcUS cephalopoda Conjugation cuticle Custaceans endotherm hemaphrodite endospore closed circulation Lichens chitin cotyledons clitelilum methanogens nucleoid mating types Plasmodium sino atrial node opposable thumb ventricles gametes lysis Phototrophs Pheromones protelin saprobe Spinnerets shell Stomata Radially gametophyte spiral systole Kelps tracheal tube radial trypanosomes monotremes closed COMPLETION 51. The domain that includes methanogens is 52. A microorganism that digests dead material is called a 53. This kind of bacterium is spherical develop within the parent 54. In all seed plants, male and female sporophyte and are completely dependent on it for nutrition and water. 55. This is the fungal equivalent of the sexes; 56. This group of primitive land plants does not have water-conducting vessels: 57. This waxy layer waterproofs the leaves of conifers 58. This kind of cell helps cnidarians capture prey 59. These organs in spiders produce silk 60. In this kind of circulatory system blood is carried entirely in vessels 61. This term refers to fishes without jaws: 62. This group includes platypus and spiny anteaters
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