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Question: use the given infnrmation to write const alnts and ...

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use the given infnrmation to write const alnts and ג profit function. You nnt nned t graph tha constraints, And corner pints, ār snive the prchlam. a fumiture manufacturar makas couches, tables, and chalrs. Each couch requires hours to fabricate, 10 hours to assembla and a hours to finish and retums a profit of $10. Each tahle takes 3 hours to fabricate, 4 hours to assemble,and 4 hours to finish and returns a profit of S 13. Each chair requires』hours to abricate, 1 hour to assemble and an hour to finish and returns ฮ profit of宰5. he manu acturer has 14u staff hours each day available for fabrication staff hours for assembling and 500 hours or finishing. The goal is to maximize prorit. Use the following vatiables. xcouches y-# tables zchairs P- protit N te: n gl ng curisteits below, to enter dとsymbol type > To enter s sy n o typeく so d typical constant mi bl look something likeths : 4x + 2y + 21 25 În expressions g ve ulex term firs erm se ond, and L em li ul Give the tabrication time constraint. Give the abing tine constraint. Give the finishì g timด constraint. Give the profit tunction R. Enter your answer in the form x v ?2, where 7 will be numerical values, (Do not include in your answer.)

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