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Use the given information to write constraints and a cost function. You do not need to greph the constraints, find corner points, or se the preblem. A veterinarian has been asked to prepare a dit for cats. The diet is Emited to two brands of food, brand A and brand B. The total amount of food in the diet should be no larger than 10 ounces and must contain at least 26 units of protein and 19 units of carbohydrates. Each ounce of brand A contains 4 units of protein and 3 units of caroohydrates, Each ounoe of brand B contains 5 units of protein and 4 units ot carbohydrates. The cost of brand A iper ounce and tor brand B the cost is per ounce. How many ouncesoc brand of food should be used to maet the given requirements at the lowest passible cost? what is the lowest possible cost? ต the following variable names. yoz. of brand B C- coet (Note: In giving constraints below, to enter a symbol typeTo ener a symbol, typeSo a typica constraint might look something like this: 4x y25. In all expressions give the x term first and the y term second.) Glve the constraint that limits the amount o food In the diet Give the protein constraint Give the carbahydrate constraint. ive tha cst function which is to ha minimized using C far cost and exprassing In cants NOT dollars)

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