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Problem 2 One of the main benefits of packet switching is pipelining. The simultaneous use of communica- tions circuits yields considerable gains in efficiency. The relative performance of packet switching however, can be further improved by using an optimal packet length. The objective of this home- work is to derive the maximum packet size for a given transmission network. 1. Let M represent the total length of a message in bits, including the fixed overhead added by upper layers but excluding overhead bits added to each packet for fragmentation and reassembly purposes. Let nh be the number of overhead bits added to each packet (packet header), and let Kmax be the maximum packet length including packet header. Compute the total number of bits, Nbis, that must be transmitted to send the message 2. Ignoring the queueing and processing delays at the intermediate packet switching nodes, compute the total time, T, required to transmit a message of size M over j links with equal transmission rate, R bits per second (bps), connecting the source to the destination. 3. Compute the expected value, E[T, of the total transmission time, T, as a function of the expected value, E[M], of the message length. (Hint: A reasonable approximation is that E Į !]s E園+] =で1 + , where Y is a random variable and C is a constant) 4. Ignoring that Kmax must be an integer, compute the optimum packet size, Knx, as a function nh and and

Use the letter given in the problem to compute the result. The result should be an expression with letters rather thana certain value.

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