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Use the quantized energy expression of a particle in a box for the following problem. Imagine a linear conjugated molecule that has a length of 597 pm. To the nearest ones, what is the wavelength of EM radiation (in nm) that will excite a pi electron from n 3 to the next higher quantum level (i.e., n 3 +1)? Some helpful information: En level h2n2/ 8 т аг), where E is the energy o the parti le electron at the nth quantum leve of interest),h is Plancks constant (6.626 x 1034 J s), me is the mass of an electron (9.109 x 1031 kg), and a is the length of the box, which in the present case is the length of the conjugated molecule. You may also need the speed of light, c, which is 3 x 108 m/s. where n s a positive integer starting at 1 correspondsto e energy eve w f gh which b 31mndis the length of the boac Question 10 1 pts Given the following analytical data, which of the following is the likely structure of the unknown sample? Combustion analysis indicated 64.82% с, 13.60%H; mass spectrometry analysis indicated that the m/z of M+ was 74; the IR spectrum showed a strong signal at 1150 cm1, two prominent signals at 2850 cm-1 and 2975 cm1: the H-NMR spectrum showed a triplet at 1.2 ppm and a quartet at 3.4 ppm. The respective area ratios of these peaks were 3:2 dimethyl ether O diethyl ether ethanol butanol O butanone butanal propanal O acetone

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