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Question: use visual basic to complete this assignment pay attention to...

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Use Visual Basic to complete this assignment. Pay attention to #18 for submitting your project.

In this assignment you create a small project in Visual Basic.
Create a new folder on your computer and name it as You will save your future VB projects in this folder.
To open Visual Basic program, you open Visual Studio, window and choose New Project. See below for screenshots on creating a new project in VB, how to name and where to save it.
Name the project as yourlastname-firstname-HelloVB.
Select a Window Form Application option.
Using form’s Text property, change the form’s title to: Your full name – Assignment - VB Introduction.
From Toolbox (see below for more info), select Button control and add a button on the form.
Change the properties of the Button control as shown below:
Change button’s Name and Text properties, Name: btnDisplay; Text: Display; Font: 12, bold.
Select Label control and add a label below button. Change the properties of the label control as shown below:
Name: lblMsg; Text: XXX; Font: 12, bold; BorderStyle: Fixed3D; AutoSize: True; Color: A light color.
Double-click the button and type the following code inside the Sub procedure: lblMsg.text = “Hello Visual Basic”
Run the program, press the button, “Hello Visual Basic” displays on the label.
Items to note: Appearance of the form is very important; Make sure that your design is clean; You name the controls according to the instructions; Spelling is important.
To save the project, from File, select Save All. For Select Folder ( the middle box) select VB ( DO NOT OPEN THIS FOLDER).
Continue with Save.
Open File Explorer; open VB folder and you will see a folder named: yourlastname-firstname-HelloVB. This folder contains a folder and a solution file with SLN extension. Both are named the same. Solution file (.sln) and the folder containing VB necessary files to run the project.
To receive credit for this assignment, create a pdf file called Yourlastname-HWVB.pdf, such that this pdf file contains the following six screenshots: 1) The screenshot showing the changes you made to form1, 2) The screenshot showing the changes you made to the button, 3) The screenshot showing the changes you made to the label, 4) The screenshot showing all revised three items, 5)The screenshot showing the changes to the code, and 6)The screenshot showing the output after you run the code and after the display button is pressed. Only ONE file, please.

Example of the form and controls

Screenshots for creating a new project in VB:

When you open Visual Studio you see the following window, to create a new project in VB, click on File > New > Project

In the next screen, expand Visual Basic, from list on the left select Windows Classic Desktop, from list on the right select windows Forms App (.NET Framework). Type the project name: yourlastname-firstname-HelloVB in Name box. You notice that this name is also shows in Solution Name box. NOTE: when you create a project in VB, it creates a folder and a solution file with the same name. To save the project file/folder click on Browse, locate VB folder, one click on VB folder to select it and click on SELECT FOLDER to return to New Project Windows and click on OK to move to VB window.


Screenshot in VB after you named the new project, click on View menu option to activate Toolbox to put controls on the form:
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