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USeected Problems for the Fnal Exam.pdf - Foxt Reader Fe Home Commen Ve Form Protect onnect Hep Extras Tell me what you want to ee POF to Ward PDF OSclected Probems for.. sprng formuas,pd 5. A disk brake has two friction pads. The coefficient of friction between the disk and friction pads is 0.3. As a result of the clamping force, the maximum pressure attains a value equal to 0.5 MPa. By engaging the brake, a rotating assembly having mass inertia, I, equal to 24 Nm.sec2, and angular velocity equal to 800 rpm comes to a stop. (a) Determine the interval of time required to bring the rotating assembly to rest for instantaneous full brake application. (b) Assuming that all the kinetic energy is converted to heat, heat loss through convection to air or through conduction to shaft is negligible, and temperature increase in the frictional pads is small because of low conduction coefficient, calculate temperature increase in the steel disk. (Specific heat, C, 500 J/kg Friction pads 90 Disk rout 5 cm →k-1 cm Answer: a)「 11.31 Nm, t = 178 sec, b) T = 275°C 37 目gEE 230.7796 O Type here to search ENG 1208 AM TRO 13/2019 7

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