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obl Consider the following function: Hs)s where n(s) d(s) Use MATLAB to find the following i. n(-10) Iu. d(-5) obl Use MATLAB to find the partial fraction expansions of the following 3s +1 s2 +3s+2 H(s)-(s+3) (s 4) (a Gs) s17s+79s +63) Consider the two polynomials: p(s)-s-7s12 and qs) s+2 Using MATLAB, compute the following: a. p(s) q(s b. p(s)/q(s) (find the quotient and the remainder) c. Roots of p(s) and q(s) d. p(5) and q(-3) e. Partial Fraction expansion of: qls) /p(s) Also find the Partial Fraction expansion of q(s) /p(s) analytically (by hand), and compare with the result obtained using MATLAB (in part (e)). oblem 4 Use MATLAB to obtain the first and second derivatives of the following functions: F(x) = (x3 + 3x-8)(x2 + 21 ) Fis) = (3r3-8x2 + 5x + 9)(x + 2) b. c.
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