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Question: using matlab coding queastion 1 only...

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using matlab coding queastion 1 only

Google Chrome PA.4 S T#3 17(1).pdf MENG-201 Winter 2019 HW2 1) Write a script that receives a random row matrix, and based on your input creates a square matrix (a matrix with equal number of rows and columns), for which the diagonal elements will be based off of the input matrix, but in the reverse order as shown below: Example: (Note: your script should be set so that the it generates the desired output for any given input in form of a row matrix) A 1,2-output o PM 2018-11...05.57 Lab2Task3 PM 2018-11...41.07 Lab 2 A=[1,2,8] → output = 0 2 0 Chec 19 0 0 0 As[-4,11 ,7 , 191-output-lo 0 11 0 0 0 04 Lab2Task2 2) Wrote a script that receives a random positive integer, and prints the average of all of the 77 files odd positive integers before your input, and including the input if it is odd as shown in the example below: n 4 → result 2 shosho n = 7 -result = 1+3+5+7 3) Create a script/code that receives a random m x n matrix called A, and converts the input to a same size matrix. The elements of the input are going to be retained. The only difference is that the sign of the elements located on the even rows will be the opposite of the original ones. This matrix should be called B and called out at the end as the first output, as well as sum of the clements B as the second o

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