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Question: using the table 1 explain what happens on the macro...

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Using the Table 1, explain what happens on the macro scale when thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers/rubber are heated from below their Tz to above their Tz and below their Tm to above their Tm. Each description in Table 1 can be used multiple times, or not at all Mfg Pr W SEED MENU Cour Table Amorphous Thermoplastic Temperature from below E to above Ta(but still below T) w us on Table 1: Rigid Solid to Rigid Solid (RS to RS) Rigid Solid to Flexible Solid (RS to FS) Rigid Solid to Molten Liquid [RS to MIL Flexible Solid to lexible Solid (FS to FS Flexible Solid to Rigid Solid (FS to RS) Flexible Solid to Moften Liquid (FS to ML) Molten Liquid to Molten Liquid (ML to ML) Not Applicable (NA) Temperature from below Ta (but already above to above T Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic Temperature from below T to above T. (but still below T) Temperature from below Tm (but already above T) to above Ta Temperature from below T, to above T(but still below T Elastomers/Rubber Temperature from below Tto above Tu (but still below T

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