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Question: using this table we need to get the sample output...

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1) Stored Procedure 1 Create the SP to return number of leaves approved, rejected month wise starting from Jan to Dec. In case of no data found then it will return count as zero. The result set should contain count for all months. Sample output Month ApprovedReject JAN FEB Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Decid id leave fk first name integer integercharacter varying(255) character varying(255) date last name created_by ravinderl ravinderl ravinderl updated_by created_on udpated on 2019-01-09 2019-01-09 2019-01-09 2019-01-10 2019-01-10 2019-01-10 date integer character varying(255) character varying(255) character varying(255) date date 19 19 20 20 Ravi Ravi ens 019-01-01 2019-01-29 28 2019-01-01 2019-01-29 28 2019-01-08 2019-01-22 14 2019-01-08 2019-01-22 14 Submitted Approved Submitted Rejected Administrator 10 Administrator

Using this table we need to get the sample output as above table by creating stored procedure. we should check the date for updated on because we are getting the updated leave status from that column.

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