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USPS truck loadings over an 18-week period at a busy port:

Week Week Number 370 380 390 380 390 395 Number 415 425 Week Number 450 455 475 485 495 505 14 16 17 18 425 12 445

a. Determine a linear trend line for expected freight car loadings. Round your calculations and final answers 2 decimal places.

(please explain how to find the numbers for this equation. I can't seem to understand this concept)

b. Use the trend from a to predict expected loadings for weeks 20 and 21 (Round your answers 2 decimal places): The forecasted demand for week 20 is __________. The forecasted demand for week 21 is __________.

c. The supervisor plans to install new equipment when the volume exceeds 950 loadings per week. If the current trend continues, what is the earliest week in which the volume will reach that level? (Round your final answer 2 decimal places. DO NOT round any other intermediate calculations.)

An explanation for this problem would be greatly appreciated. I'm really struggling to understand this concept in my course.

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