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ut Homework Heip With Zookal StudyIC Kimmel, Financial Accounting, 8e Gradebook ORION Downloadable eTextbook Problem 2-7A Your answer is partially correct. Try again. Selected financial data of two competitors, Target and Wal-Mart, are presented here. (All dollars are in m Target (1/31/17) Wal-Mart (1/31/17) Income Statement Data for Year Net sales Cost of goods sold Selling and administrative expenses Interest expense Other income Income taxes Net income $69,800 46,557 17,380 838 23 1,888 3,160 $401,244 303,742 71,020 2,809 4,213 9,698 $18,188 Target Wal-Mart Balance Sheet Data (End of Year) $ 48,100 112,600 $160,700 $56,600 40,800 63,300 Current assets Noncurrent assets Total assets Current liabilities Long-term liabilities Total stockholders equity $17,800 26,700 $44,500 $10,700 19,600 14,200 All Rights Reserved. A Division of
each company, compute these values and ratios. (All Dollars Are in Millions) (Round Current ratio and Earn ceding the number e.g.-15,000 or in parentheses e.g. (15,000).) Target Wal-Mart Working capital$ ) Current ratio ) Debt to assets ratio d) Free cash flow e) Earnings per share ) Which company has better liquidity? Target Which company has better solvency? Wal-Mart Click if you would like to Show Work for this question: Open Show Work LINK TO TEXT
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