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variables 19. On September 24, 2009, news reports hailed the findings from an HIV vaccine clinical trial as being the first time that a vaccine worked. These news reports often made front-page headlines in newspapers and lead stories on television newscasts (examples are available on the textbooks website). The vaccine actually was a combination of two previous tested vaccines, ALVAC-HIV and AIDSVAX B/E, that were not shown to prevent HIV infection in previous clinical trials by themselves. The purpose of this problem is for you to analyze the research data in order to draw your own conclusions. Table 1.9 summarizes the modified intent-to-treat data of Rerks-Ngarm et al. (2009) that was released to the media on September 24. Using the modified intent-to-treat data, complete the following: (a) If you have access to Rerks-Ngarm et al. (2009), describe the population and sample used in the study. What is the population ultimately that the researchers would like to extend their conclusions to? (b) Examine the benefits of using the vaceine over the placebo with the most appro- priate measure(s) from Section 1.2. Use a 0.05. (c) Suppose you were a reporter assigned to write a news report about the statis- tical results on September 24, 2009. Write a short news report that would be appropriate for your citys newspaper. Remember that most readers will not be familiar with the previously calculated statistical measures, so be sure to explain what they measure when writing the article.
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