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Question: verify punnett square and help with second part please...

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Verify Punnett square and help with second part please

AaBbCcDdE Normal No HeterozyFish Probablity Problem 1) Perform a dihybrid cross between heterozygous fish parents with the genotypes WwSs and Wwss (W white, w red, S smooth, s scaly). What is the probability that an Fi generation fish will be homozygous dominant for both trai if it is born white and is smooth (no scales)? (4 points) First, use a 4x4 Punnett square to cross the two parents together (this is a dihybrid cross). You will have to generate the parental gametes, arrange them properly around the square, then complete the Punnett square with the offsprings genotypes. You may use the diagram below or draw your own. ws Ws ws WS WwSS ws wwss wwss ws Next, use the appropriate probability formula to answer the question above. To get full points, you must write out the equation and show your work all the way through. (Hint: it would be a good idea to color-code certain genotypes above.) Please draw a box around your final answer
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