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Version A 32. Mitochondria 33. Endoplasmic Reticulum 34. Golgi Apparatus/Body 35. Cell membrane b. Separates the outside of the cell from the inside c.Contains genetic information d. Packages proteins for shipping around the cell e. Burns carbohydrates to produce ATP energy MATCHING. Match the word on the left to the correct definition or statement on the right by filling in the correct letter on the scantron sheet 36. Lysosome 37. Integral protein 38. Cytosol a. Intracellular fluid b. Can help substances cross the membrane c. Degrades used organelles MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one answer that best completes the statement or answers the question and record it on your scantron sheet. 39. An atom or molecule that gains an electron has been a. Reduced b. Oxidized c. Metabolized d. Acidified 40. An enzyme inhibitor that binds to the enzyme active site is called a. Competitive b. Non-competitive c. Allosteric d. Substrate 41. The type of enzyme that transfers electrons from one substance to another is called a. Transferase b. Oxido-reductase c. Hydrolase d. Synthetase 42. Most energy production occurs during a. Glycolysis b. Anaerobic Phosphorylation c. Citric Acid Cycle d. Electron Transport 43. The electron transport system requires a. Carbon dioxide b. Oxygen c. Na+ d. K+ 44. Anaerobic conditions leads to a buildup of a. Carbon dioxide b. ATP
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