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very urgent 


1.     Why is it important to report a ‘near miss’?






2.     Name two examples of workplace health and safety incidents that should be reported to your supervisor.






3.     Name three client related factors that have the potential to cause harm to yourself when managing a patient (e.g. patient under the influence of alcohol).






4.     Name two housekeeping practices that you should do regularly to maintain a safe working environment.





5.     Name two ways to maintain the currency of safe work practices in the workplace.








6.     List at least five indicators that a person may be fatigued.








7.     Describe three strategies to combat fatigue.





8.     Live five possible stressors in the workplace.







9.     List three things you would do if you were experiencing high levels of stress or fatigue.






10.  Describe why a debriefing is important following a workplace incident.








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