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  3. very urgent please read teachers comments for the question listed...

Question: very urgent please read teachers comments for the question listed...

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Very urgent please read teachers. Comments for the question listed below 

thank you 


3. What is the role of a workplace health and safety representative?


These representatives are also called HSR one of the functions include investigating work complaints




4. What is the role of a workplace health and safety committee?


One of the functions include developing and carrying out measures designed to ensure the workers' health and safety at work. Also help in assisting with standards.








5. Rank the following ways of controlling a hazard (in order of 1 to 6):



Reduce exposure to the hazard using administrative action (such as developing policies and procedures)


Isolate the hazard from people



Use personal protective equipment



Substitute the hazard with something safer



Eliminate the hazard



Reduce the risk through engineering controls such as machine guards



6. Why is it important to promptly report any incidences in the workplace?


This is because any incidence has the potential to cause damage to a lot of people. It has to be prevented before a large-scale damage is caused. 






7. Why is it important to report a ‘near miss’?


A near miss is something that almost caused damage in the situation. In the next incident, the damage might be inflicted. Hence, it needs to be reported to take safer actions from next time onwards. 






8. Name two examples of workplace health and safety incidents that should be reported to your supervisor.


Firstly, if any worker has a conterminous disease. Secondly, if any equipment or a region within the workplace has the potential to cause harm like a portion of roof falling off. 




9. Name three client related factors that have the potential to cause harm to yourself when managing a patient (e.g. patient under the influence of alcohol).



Firstly, if the client has a disease that is conterminous. Secondly, if the client is an unconscious state and can cause damage to the people treating him. Thirdly, if the client has ill intention towards the people treating him. 



10. Name two housekeeping practices that you should do regularly to maintain a safe working environment.



Firstly, every vulnerable place has to be sealed and the important things has to be kept out of contact. Secondly, the areas that might have water logged inside would have to be cleaned. Thirdly, every heavy object has to be kept securely and safely. 


11. Name two ways to maintain the currency of safe work practices in the workplace.



Firstly, all potential hazards have to be systematically eliminated from the scope. Secondly, the workers would have to be given training to handle the situation. 

17. Identify four things you should consider when lifting or moving a patient.





First of all, there should be sufficient number of people to move. Secondly, here should be no chance that the person would fall in such a situation. Third, the person who is handling the patient should have proper body strength and capacities.


teachers feedback comments 


3. this is a function but can you explain the general role of the representative in relation to other employees

4. same as number 3. can you explain the more general purpose of a committee.

5. where you placed number 4 (reduce the risk through engineering controls such as machine guards) is correct. the other controls are not numbered correctly.

6. what do you mean 

8/9 do you mean contagious in stead of conterminous?

10. what do you mean by the first sentence. please can you rephrase this.

11. currency in this context means - how do you make sure that you safe work practices are up to date. please change your answer


17. you have only included 3 things. it is asking for 4



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