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VGTU EF-Script programming - 2018-9 Laboratory work Web document advanced content development 9 variant Goal of the work: Evaluztion rales create an HTML document with math (MathML) and graphic (SVG) objects. Labortory works (LD) must be completed in given order, from 1 to 12 Tasks must be completed in given order. Only completed tasks are shown to the teacher Laboratory work will be evaluated up to 10 points. For the mandatory part of LD that is finished in time points can be given (according to schedule), while if the task is done too late, only 5 points can be given. For the complementary parts of LD that are finished in tie up to 4 points can be given, while if these tasks are done too late, only up to 2 points can be given ork t Obligatory task (6 points): In your HTML document create mathematical objects using MathML script (Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 3.0 2nd Edition: http://www. w3.org/TR/MathML3) I. Insert given sentence and formula in your HTML document: Volume of spherical dome is calculated using this formula: V+32), here h-height of a dome. -radius of a sphere 2. Create a more complex math object: Complementary task (4 points): Using a given example create a graphical SVG object. Description about creating SVG graphical objects you can find here: http://ww.w3schools.com/svg/default.asp

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