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View - Saved to this PC Animations Slide Show Review View Help me what you want to do Assignment 1 23 Consider KFU banner in which users provide a User name and password for account access. Give examples of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability requirements associated with the system and in each case indicate the degree (level) of importance of the requirement. For each of the following assets, assign a low, moderate or high impact level for the loss of confidentiality, availability and integrity, respectively. Justify your answer An organization managing public data on its web server. 1. 2. a. b. A law enforcement agency managing extremely sensitive investigative c. A financial organization managing routine administrative information not d. A information system used for large acquisitions in a contracting information privacy related information) 9 organization contain both sensitive, pre-solicitation phase contract information and routine administrative information. Assess the impact for the two data sets separately and the information system as a whole. CS320/Computer Data Security& Privacy
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