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View Symergy Tell me what you want to do. insert Page Layout Formules DataReview V Normal ig,wrap Test 困Merge & Center . | $ . % , |留8/Conditional Format asl Neutral General Cut Copy Format Painter Times New Roma!22--K A· 19- te Formatting Table. Alignnent Number Clipboard Font 23 ㄨ 丘11 Stockholders Equity Financial Statement Normal Balance Classification Asset, Liaatity, Revenue, Expense, Stockdolders Equity lncome Statemeat, Balance Sheet, Retained Earnings, Cash Flows Liability Asset Account Title Cash Flows Debit or Credit Credit Debit Debit Credit Debit Credit Debit shlyn Loper Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Bad Debt Bonds Payable Cash Common Stock Cost of Goods Sold Depreciation Dividends Payable Equipment Goodwill Interest Expense %) Interest Receivable Inventory eLand Ex Asset Stockholders Equity Liabili Asset Asset Debit Asset Asset Debit Debit Maintenance and Repairs Expense Notes Payable , Patents Liability Asset Asset Stockholders Equity Liability Revenue Credit Prepaid Insurance Retained Eamings Salaries and Wages Debit Credit Credit s Sales Sales Discounts Treasury Stock Sheet Search Windows
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