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Question: visual basic 2017 assignment car rental task create a...

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Visual Basic 2017 assignment , car rental


  • Create a project for the local car rental agency that calculates rental charges. The agency charges $49 per day plus $0.20 per mile.


  • Use text boxes for the beginning odometer reading, ending odometer reading, and the number of days the car was used. Use text boxes to display the miles driven and the total charge. Format the output appropriately.
  • Include buttons for Calculate, Clear, and Exit


  • Include an event procedure for each button. For the calculation, subtract the beginning odometer reading from the ending odometer reading to get the number of miles traveled. Use a constant for the $40 per day charge and the $0.19 mileage rate.
  • Display a message to the user for any bad input data.

For Full Credit:

  • Program must be well documented and controls well named according to standards.
  • Data must be validated and formatted appropriately
  • You must use CONSTANTS for the daily charge and mileage rates in your calculation.
  • Results for miles driven and total charges must match Runtime answers
  • Calculate, Clear, Exit buttons must all be functionalVi
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