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Question: visual studio program create a program outline and code for...

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Visual Studio Program

Create a program outline and Code for for solving the “Quiz” project problem described. Hereby you will divide the problem into a sequence of steps (subtasks) and define outcomes for each step. You might present your work as a programming flowchart or similar.create an algorithmic flow outline, which you will use later for your programming assignment. As the course progresses, you may find it necessary to return to this step in order to add more detail to the design. The file output will be .docx for the assignment..

Aircraft Airframe Beginner Questions/ QUIZ

Question 1 How many flight control surfaces are on a fixed- wing aircraft? A = 3

Question 2 What is the tail of a plane called? A=Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer

Question 3 What type of metal are most aircraft designed from? A= Aluminum

Question 4 Is Advanced Composite Material Used on commercial aircraft? A= Yes

Question 5 The most common aircraft fasteners in fix-wing aircraft? A= Aluminum rivets

Question 6 of 10 Is Carbon/ Graphite Fiber lighter than Aluminum or steel? A= Yes





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