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waketech /bl content/li prcourse id- 430139 18&content id- 13461079,1 Describ Write simple arithmetic and boolean expressions. e the purpose of variables and assignment operations Torm or an aigoritnm. CTI110 Lab03 (3) -Protected View -Saved to this PC esign Layout References Mailings Review View Help Tell me what you want to do Alesxander Murray al-files from the Internet can contain viruses. Unless you need to edit, its safer to stay in Protected View. Enable Editing Exercise 1 Write a Web-based application that allows a customer to order any number of copies of your amazing SaveTheWorld software. The page provided by softwareorder.htal should ask the user for the number of copies and the required operating system. These inputs will be submitted to software -Order php for processing The program should calculate the subtotal for the order (each copy sells for 35.00); a 7% tax (which is 0.07 times the subtotal); the shipping the handling charge, which is 1.25 for each copy; the total cost (the subtotal pus the shipping/handling charge plus the tax). The program should display the operating system the number of copies ordered the sub-total, the tax . the shipping/handling and the total cost. For example if the user inputs 5 copies, the subtotal will be 5*35.00 -17500, the tax will be 12.25 the shipping/handling will be 6.25, and the total cost will be 19350
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