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  3. want to double check my answers please help...

Question: want to double check my answers please help...

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want to double check my answers, please help

(1) Please indicate the following statements are true or false (15) a) High molecular weight increases crystallinity b) Crystallinity increases with increase in cooling rate c) Density of semi-crystalline polymer increases with crystallinity d) Chain branching increases crystallinity in polymers e) It is the cross-linking in thermosets which prevents thermal softening. f) Thermosetting polymers often release a by-product upon their polymerization g) Thermosetting polymers soften over a large temperature region. h) Thermosetting polymers are frequently recycled for repeated use i) The glass transition temperature is relatively high if degree of crystallinity is high. i) Thermoplastic polymer has a viscoelastic modulus that depends on degree of cross-linking or crystallinity k) There is a specific melting temperature for amorphous thermoplastics 1) There is no glass transition temperature for 100% crystalline thermoplastics. m) High level of crosslinking in thermosets results in high strength and low toughness n) The viscosity of thermoset resins during curing reaction increases with time o) Thermosetting materials can be melted.

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