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Water is the working fluid in a Rankine cycle. Steam exits the steam generator at 1500 lbf/in.2 and 1100°F. Due to heat transfer and frictional effects in the line connecting the steam generator and turbine, the pressure and temperature at the turbine inlet are reduced to 1400 Ibf/in.2 and 1000°F, respectively. Both the turbine and pump have isentropic efficiencies of 95%. Pressure at the condenser inlet is 2 lbf/ in.2, but due to frictional effects the condensate exits the condenser at a pressure of 1.5 Ibf/in.2 and a temperature of 110°F. The condensate is pumped to 1600 bf/in.2 before entering the steam generator. The net power output of the cycle is 1 x 108 Btu/h. Cooling water experiences a temperature increase from 60°F to 76°F, with negligible pressure drop, as it passes through the condenser. Determine for the cycle: (a) the mass flow rate of steam, in lb/h. (b) the rate of heat transfer, in Btu/h, to the working fluid passing through the steam generator. (c) the percent thermal efficiency. (d) the mass flow rate of cooling water, in lb/h.

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