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Question: we have purchased 20 items at 2500 each gst exclusive...

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All numerical answers should consist of digits from 0 to 9 (no symbols, spaces or commas). Dates should be entered as dd/mm/yy (eg 01/06 13) Each box must be have an aswer - If it would normally be blank enter 0. What are the possible source documents for this transaction? Cheque butt Bank Deposit Slip # Delivery docket Which of the following are impacted by this transaction? Inventory No GST No # Subsidiary Ledgers No Which specialjournal will this transaction be recorded in? Purchases Calculate the amount of GST What is the most likely date that this transaction will be posted to: The General Ledger: 26/0 The subsidiary ledger: 26/07 Enter the transaction into the journal provided, update inventory and post to the subsidiary ledger Journal (P1) ost counts ate t Credited Inventory Supplies GST ef Payable 10 30 Purchases Sales Inventory on Hand No. of Unit Total Unites Cost Cost Unit Total Cost Cost ota of of nits Date Cost nits 107/14 Subsidiary Ledger he Suppliers Pty Ltd ate Ref Debit Credit Balance 22000 Post to the relevant accounts in the General Ledger Ledger

We have purchased 20 items at 2500 each (GST exclusive) on 26 July 2014 from The Suppliers Pty Ltd on account. Terms are 5/10 n30.

The Suppliers Pty Ltd is your only creditor. Assume a perpetual inventory system.

(GST rate 10%)

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