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Web and mobile Development

The Part II assignment is to create a web page that has 4 paragraphs for each of the four seasons of the year. A paragraph is more than two sentences, be sure they are of acceptable length and of sufficient description. By "sufficient description" I mean that you will fully explain the season in regard to its appearance and distinct qualities. I also mean that you will provide your own sentiments with regard to each of the seasons. You may use the seasons as you know them from your upbringing. They do not have to be a New England definition of seasons Do you like the season? Do you not like it? Provide reasons why to justify your position.

The document body will be an appropriate color to enhance your choices for paragraph colors.

Each paragraph is to have a unique title. The paragraph titles will have a style different from the paragraph to which they are assigned.

Each paragraph will be of a different style (different font, color, size, etc.) which will be controlled with a CSS style (called a CSS rule) as appropriate. The first letter of each paragraph will be a different size, color, and font than the rest of the paragraph (Hint: go to w3Schools and lookup 'first letter').

This portion of the assignment must be included as an index page inside of a proper site structure. The entire structure must be compressed as a single folder for submission.

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