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1.) MySQL: a.) Write SQL commands to create a database called my_db (Imk) b.) Write SQL commands to create the following tables; ustomer (CustomerlD, Persons (PersonI , CustomerName, ContactName. Address, City. PostalCode. Country) (1mk) ID, LastName, FirstName, Address, City) (1mk) Tabot o records into Customer table one of them should be a customer with CustomerName- and Country Cameroon (2mks) b) Update Country of Tabot to Nigeria (Imk) d) Delete the entire records of Tabot from the database. (Imk) e) Pri int out the CustomerlD, CustomerName and PostalCode of the other customer (1mk) f.) Name three other popular databases you know (2mks) C1Omks) 2.) HTML: a.)Write a HTML program to design a form which should allow to enter your personal data Hint: make use of text field, password field, e-mail, lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, submit button) b) Write html code to generate following output. . Coffee . Teatck o Black Tea o Green Tea . Milk (10mks) 3.) CSS: a.) What is CSS and why is it important? (2mks) b.)Write code to create a horizontal navigation bar in CSS with the following menus; Home, News, About, Contact. (3mks) c.) Describe with examples the three ways of inserting a style sheet. (5 mks) (10 mks) 4.) PHP: a.) How do you write Hello World in PHP? (2mks) b.) Write a php loop that prints the numbers I to 5 on a web page. (3mks) c.) Write a php function that when call appends the given name of any individual (meaning must be passed as an argument in the function) to the name Arreytambe. (Smks) (10mks) 5.) a.) Explain what is going on here (3mks); Sresult mysql_query(Ssql. Sdb_link) Snum-rows mysql_num_rows($result); echo Snum_rows rows found b.)What is the difference between char and varchar data types? (2mks) c.) What are the advantages and disadvantages of php and MySQL. (5mks) (10mks) Arreytambe Tabot GoodLuck guys!!!
SECTION A: Objective - 20 points ts are executed by? (vi) Where in an HTML document is the correct place to re- fer to an external style sheet? (a) JS Interpreter (b) JavaScript Virtual Machine eBrowser (d) Compiler Cheader> section cbody> section (a) chead> section (d) <title> section (ii) In a HTML document, the pseudo class: oot alway refers to? t is the output of this JS statement a 7+3+10 20 (a) cfooter> clement (b) window ele (b) 1010 (c) 10 (d) error chiml> element (d) <doctype> element (ix) What is the correct CSS syntax for making all the <p> (ii) JavaScript code contain sequence of? elements bold? Executable Statem (b) Method Calls () HTML Tags (d) All the above A<p style«Tont-size:b (b) ptext-size:bold; (c) <p style=text-size:bold; (d) pfont-weight:bold; (iv) How do you write Hello World in an alert box?(x) What is the correct JavaScript syntax to change the con- tent of the HTML clement below? (a) alertBox(Hello World Cp iddemo> This is a test</p alertHello (c) msg(Hello World (d) msgBoxHello World; (a) document. ment innerHTML csc313: (b) document.gerE wrhentByNamel?) innerHTML (v) which SQL statement is used to insert new data in a document get BlementBylddemo) innerHTML database? (a) Add New (b) Insert Into ..csc3 13. (d) #demo.innerHTML=csc313. (xi) The Bootstrap grid system is based on how many f Add Record (d) Insert New columns? (b) 12 (c) 6 (d) 9 (vi) which SQL statement is used to update data in database? (a) Save (xi) what are some new HTML5 markup elements except (c) Modify (d) Save As meter> Nove Instructor: Ismaila Lukman E
(c) SELECT DIFFERENT (d) SELECT DISTINCT Web Programming (b) cheadr> ctitle> Caside> (xvi) Which button class is used to create a large button? (iii) following is a list of new properties added in CSS3 ex- ybtn-l (b) btn-lg (c) bn-x (d) .btn-large (a) border-radius (c) text-shadow (xvii) How to write an IF statement for executing some code (d) text-aligrn T is NOT equal to 5? (xiv) Which of the following will correctly add the file signup.php to a PHP page (all that apply) (a) add(signup.php) (b) require(signup.php) (b) ifi!5 serif (i 느 5) (d) ifi <> 5 include(signup.php) )append(signup.php) (xix) How do you create a function in JavaScript? (xv) Which of the following correctly selects a colum named Level from a table named S (a) SELECT Persons. Students (b) SELECT Level (c) EXTRACT Level FROM Students function myF (c) function e my Function0 (d) func my FunctionO ents (xx) Choose the correct HTMIL element to deline important SELECT Level FROM Students lext (xvi) Which SQL statement is used to return only different(a) <strong> values? SELECT UNIQUE (b) SELECT IF DISTI
Question I What does this JS code do? fuaction sharp(s) hat ave the parmeters roquire for database connection wing PSHP sment for MySQL, datubase ceonection Question 6 Wsite aPHP code to display the average of any 5 random sum- bers in vaciable a, b, c,d &cis &HT4t web pags Question 7 We&HTML table ef 2 rows 2 c Give a sample input and output to support your explanat Question2 Explaia the difeent ways to inctude JavaSeriyt in yoe web Question pape Discuss any 5 Semanic tags added by HTMLS give examgle of usy 2 (code snippet)? Question 3 Wrie the fell HTMIL5 code snippet to insent a video to a web Ouestion 9 Describe PHP Sessions Wrse a PHP statement to sur à session page Question 4 Wise n general ITML le structure and explain any 3 ele scuss any 5 forms taghattributes ?
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