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Webstorm in HTML program

2Short exercises for Murachs HTMLS and CSS(4 Edition) Short 3-1 Create an HTML page for a speaker In this exercise, youll create a semantically correct, HTML page that looks like the one below. Estimated time: 20-30 minutes Andrew Ross Sorkin, author of Too Big to Fail November 2015 New Yek Tames cot dbr Adrew Rsw Sokon hn been desceibed as Them ous fnscial omalist of is The Eccoast The Fncil Taus ad Besns Weck all nsnel Tee Bg To Fal oe of the best hooks of de yem The beek was The cast of the movie: Too Big to Fail Movie reviews 1am watching dis for dhe led tne, tryag to uadtnd ow this lare group of capitalist purs could royally sceen tanu Prepared by Your Na Dete Tedns D 1. Open this HTML file: short exercises ownhallapeakersc03x sorkin.html Note that it contains a head section and all the copy for the text in the body of the page, but the HTML tags havent yet been applied to that text. 2. Apply the HTML tags to the text so the text will look like it does in the page above. Remember too that these tags should be semantically correct. The last two lines should be coded within a footer element, and everything else should be within a main element 3. Add the image for the speaker: sorkin_desk260.jpg, which is 260 pixels wide. Use character entities or inline formatting tags to add the quotation marks and italics that this page requires. 4.

Shape Up! 3 Create the home page In this exercise, youll code the HTML for the home page. When youre through, the page should look like this: C1270015 Shape Up! Find the brst fit for you Get ready to Shape Up! n the help eftatr, you can lean abod ar estrean and árt that wirk best for to several beat and detitg teoh So deet wat! Get ศarted lookit4 and helag better today We off personalized program as wranarni As fitness espert Amanda Rsssd What we offer Build streguc can aho increase boar detinity and duce the tish ef osteopoeess ast to lose weigh Candisalar ese bares caleres and impores overall health 1t can reduce belly for pomote brain growt percest stess, and help you s Relas nanage and Ase yeu really what you eat? Lose weight gan weight or just feel gi Mantaning a healhy diet is potably be most ingetantng Additional resources 2019 Shape L Specifications Create the home page from the index html file thats in the root folder for the website. This file includes just the basic HTML elements. Add the HTML5 semantics to structure the page so it includes a header, the main content, and a footer

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