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Wed Jan 30 SE-1 (1 of 6) Homework 1 Due day: 2/11/2019 Problem1 The cylinder in the picture initially, has, a 1-liter volume and is filled with a given gas at 300 K and 10s Pa. It is erfectly heat insulated and is in a laboratory at sea level. The frictionless piston has no mass, and the piston and cylinder, as well as the 1-ohm electric resistor, installed inside the device have negligible heat capacity. At the beginning of the experiment, the piston is held in place, so it cannot move. A 10-amp dc current is applied for 1 second, causing the pressure to rise to 1.5 x 10s pascals. Next, the piston is released and rises. What is the work done by the piston?
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